The job of your air conditioner is to keep your family and you comfortable and cool inside. When the a/c unit is not doing its job, it can be quite frustrating. When you call on Carter Heating and Air, you can feel confident that our reliable technicians will take the frustrations out of your air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installations. We are driven by customer satisfaction, so rest assured we will have your best interest at heart.

Air Conditioning Installation Repair and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

With summer temperatures at 90 degrees and above, plus humidity close to the same, a broken air conditioner or one that is not running properly can leave you hot and very uncomfortable. If you have a unit that is being quirky, then you may want to consider a few things before you call.

Is it a normal day or is it extra hot and humid?

If it is an extra hot and humid day, your ac unit may be lagging and just needs time to cool things down.

Has the thermostat been on a constant, comfortable temperature?

Just do a quick check to make sure it is on and at the proper temp.

Look at your outdoor unit.

Is there something blocking it? The air conditioner compressor needs plenty of room for the air to flow. Keep those bushes trimmed and the pine straw and branches off of the unit. Check your air filter. This is the one thing we see a lot of when we go out to a repair, its dirty filters. You will want to change your filter at least once a month.


HVAC Service Open 24/7

Air Conditioning Repair

If an a/c repair is needed, whether it be a minor repair or an air conditioner compressor, know that our technicians will tend to it quickly. We can determine the problem and give you options based the age and condition of the unit and our experience. Not every old unit is ready to retire. We will give you our honest feedback and the most cost efficient answer. If you need a new a/c unit, we will tell you, but we will not try and sell you one if you do not need it. Sometimes it just needs and air conditioning cleaning and tune-up, like this unit.

Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

Your HVAC compressor has completely gone out and you aren’t able to get it to work. In this instance you do not want to fool around with it, you will want to call an HVAC expert to diagnose the issues. If it comes down to having to completely replace the air conditioner, we will install a high efficiency unit that can cool your home and could lower your energy bills.


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