Whether you have a brand new or older  heating and air conditioning unit, regular maintenance is the best way to maintain and increase its efficiency. The HVAC system in your home is more than likely the most, if not one of the most expensive pieces of equipment at your home. This being said, it only makes sense to protect it to ensure the unit will last many years.

A routine maintenance plan is one of the best investments to safeguard the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning unit. The advantages far outweigh the small cost. Maintenance will help to extend the life of the system, can save money on utility bills, and reduce breakdowns and repairs. None of us are fans of the unexpected and a new AC system installation can be a huge financial burden if your unit is not properly cared for.

Maintenance can identify issues that could arise with heating and air conditioning units before it becomes a large costly a/c repair or replacement.

Changing Air filters as preventative maintenance

Maintenance Services

Just as an automobile needs oil changes, brakes, rotors and tune ups, your heating and A/C system requires care and maintenance to keep it running with optimal performance. Below you will find a list items that we do or check when we make a maintenance visit.

  • Replace air filters
  • Clean condenser & evaporator coils

  • Clean drain lines for proper flow & clear clogs

  • Clear drain pans of any standing water to avoid overflows

  • Inspect ducts for mold/dust/debris

  • Observe humidity levels

  • Check refrigerant charge & for leaks

  • Test thermostat & controls to make sure temperatures & timer functions are correctly set

  • Check electrical systems & connections

  • Check fan motor

  • Check for debris around outside unit

  • Examine heat exchanger/heating elements

  • Inspect heat pump


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